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Syrian TV claims Israeli jets bombed military sites near Damascus

Was it us or wasn’t it? According to Syrian TV, Israeli jets launched airstrikes on two military sites outside Damascus: Israeli fighter jets launched airstrikes on two military sites outside Damascus, Syrian state media and local activists reported Sunday. Israel made no official … Continue reading

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Hezbollah fights for Assad; and how a US leak endangers Israel

The violence in Syria has spilt over not only into Israel, (a further incident occurred today) but is threatening to spread into Lebanon with the increasing involvement of Hezbollah terrorists fighting on the side of Assad against the rebels: […] … Continue reading

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More Israeli airstrikes pound Syrian weapons sites around Damascus

In a continuation of Friday’s airstrikes on an Iranian missile shipment intended for Hezbollah, the Israeli Air Force bombed more sites in and around the Syrian capital, Damascus. Syrian state television reported Israel struck an area near Damascus early Sunday … Continue reading

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Israeli airstrike targets Iranian weapons shipment in Syria

The New York Times reported today (Shabbat) that Israeli Air Force planes bombed a shipment of advanced Iranian surface-to-surface missiles in Syria, although reports are confused as to whether the air-strike was on Friday or Saturday, and whether it was … Continue reading

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Israel Air Force bombs Syrian “military research” center

What was this military center that the Israeli Air Force apparently bombed last night? Was it connected to Syria’s huge chemical weapons stores? Probably. Israeli warplanes attacked a military research center in Damascus province at dawn on Wednesday, Syria’s military … Continue reading

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Other Middle East news from this week

There have been several very important events in the Middle East over the last week that have been overshadowed by the tragedy of the Bulgarian bus bombing. Here is a summary of sorts: The most important event, with the greatest … Continue reading

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