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John Kerry: dishonest broker, a petulant, thin-skinned bully

When I wrote in a recent post that it is unconscionable for Israel to have to negotiate under threats and menaces, I made no mention of the one person who ought to know better, and upon whom Israel depends to … Continue reading

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Is Obama set to appoint anti-Israel Charles Hagel as Defence Secretary?

The news out of the White House is not encouraging for Israel and her supporters if the rumours are true that US President Obama is set to appoint Charles Hagel as Defence Secretary in place of Leon Panetta who is … Continue reading

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Britain’s Defence Secretary, his adviser, the UK media and the Mossad

If the mishmash in the title doesn’t intrigue you then you’ve obviously not been keeping up with the UK news. The story in short, as far as I can make out (and I admit that I find it hard to … Continue reading

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