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Arab leaders begin to realise that antisemitism holds back their societies

The Olympic Games that are still going on in Rio have been notable (or maybe pretty normal for all we know) for the several instances of overt antisemitism displayed towards the Israeli athletes by Arab or Muslim participants. It started … Continue reading

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Israel’s democracy is being subverted and undermined

In a stunning, recently aired interview, the former Director of the Mossad Meir Dagan, posthumously took to the airwaves to slam Binyamin Netanyahu for bringing about the Iran deal. Even the interviewer, not known for her affection for Netanyahu or … Continue reading

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Israel as a Jewish State

Were you as surprised as I was to discover that there is no actual law enshrining Israel’s status as a Jewish state and the homeland of the Jewish People? This is the background to the latest political kerfuffle in Israeli … Continue reading

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Claims that Israel is losing its democractic character are based on zero evidence

There has been so much talk in the Israeli and international press about the exclusion of women in Israel, haredi sectarianism, attacks on the Supreme Court and right-wing violence that you would imagine to yourself that Israel’s streets are burning, … Continue reading

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Israel is not in danger of disappearing as long as it doesn’t heed its well-wishers

I’ve been having a very interesting conversation, on an old post, with a commenter who says he wishes Israel well and he himself is a Zionist but he fears that Israel’s actions are losing it international support and this will … Continue reading

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Europe declares Palestinians “Partner for Democracy”

Yes, I know.  I too choked on my cornflakes when I read this article in the Jerusalem Post today (all emphases mine): In return for status in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Palestinians say they willl hold “free … Continue reading

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