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Hamas goes all out to attain a “quality” terror attack

As Operation Protective Edge stretches into another day, Hamas has continued bombarding Israel with scores of rockets today: Israel’s Operation Protective Edge entered its second day Wednesday after a chaotic first 24 hours. Terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip fired … Continue reading

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Day 2 of Operation Pillar of Cloud update: 3 killed in Kiryat Malachi

I was living in hope and praying that there would be no Israeli casualties in Operation Amud Annan but sadly this was not to be.  And events overtook me before I managed to publish this post. The death toll in … Continue reading

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Shabbat Chatan and Sheva Brachot and the missing keys

One last post about the wedding and its associated celebrations and then I’ll be back to normal programming.  (Apologies to those of you who’ve been expecting some political blogging this past week. I’ve been so out of it that I … Continue reading

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Good News Friday – and Wedding Photos!

Here is this week’s Good News Friday installment – including wedding photos! First, the news items. The Wall Street Journal reports on the outstanding international success of Israel’s start-ups (h/t David): It is hard not to be impressed by the … Continue reading

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IAF shoots down drone over Negev – was its target Dimona?

The Israeli Air Force shot down a drone flying over southern Israel on Shabbat. The aircraft was shot down by two F-16I jets in an open area in the northern Negev region, and its remains were scattered in an open … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here is today’s Good News Friday installment, a special Sukkot edition in honour of Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed. The first item of good news for this week is that the workers at Dimona’s nuclear reactor will finally get their own shul … Continue reading

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