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The Muslim world’s unsporting behaviour towards Israel

Not for the first time, a Muslim nation is discriminating against Israel. As we know only too well, the Muslim world has a bad record when it comes to discriminating against Israeli sportsmen.  One of the more blatant examples involved … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Jews hold up a mirror to Israeli society – not a pretty picture

In case you hadn’t heard, a huge rally of Ethiopian Israeli Jews took place in Tel Aviv on Sunday which quickly devolved into violence, leaving dozens of injured on both sides: the police and the demonstrators. The initial spark for … Continue reading

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The segregated bus line that wasn’t

There has been a huge international outcry about the latest ostensible evil emanating from Israel – a segregated bus line for Palestinian use only.  The Israeli media only exacerbated the outrage with their stupidly misleading sensationalist headlines, like Ynet’s “Ministry … Continue reading

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