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A couple of post-Hannukah minor miracles

A couple of items in today’s news caught my attention today which I would classify in the category of post-Hannukah miracles (or Christmas miracles for those who are celebrating). The first and more important item is that Human Rights Watch, … Continue reading

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Ehud Barak quits politics; Likud elections move party to the right

In a dramatic announcement today, Ehud Barak announced he was quitting politics: “I have decided to resign from politics and I will not be running in the [upcoming] elections,” Barak told reporters at his office in the Defense Ministry headquarters … Continue reading

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Bibi vs. Barak – sign of impending elections?

The Israeli news has been dominated in the last few days by the latest sparring between PM Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak. What implications does this rift have for the Israeli political process? One of the major points of … Continue reading

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Israel’s anti-Iranian nuke strike capability undermined by too much chatter

The local and international airwaves, print media and internet are full of talk about the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear sites, yet all this chatter sheds more heat than light on any potential Israeli plans, and possibly … Continue reading

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How the Palestinian death sentence for Arab land vendors affects Israeli settlement policy

This first item is a couple of weeks old but it ties in to today’s news, and in any event is so outrageous that it needs a post of its own. It starts with a house in Hevron which was … Continue reading

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What was this story all about?

There was some very strange, confused and disturbing news in Israel overnight, and I still haven’t managed to make complete sense of it. The first thing we heard was that PM Netanyahu had given the OK to transfer the bodies … Continue reading

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