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Good News Friday

We’ve already had a surfeit of good news this week, from Donald Trump’s announcement of the withdrawal from the JCPOA to the widespread international support for Israel in its defensive actions against Iranian aggression. Tomorrow night Israel will be marking … Continue reading

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They just can’t help themselves: Predictably outrageous international reactions to Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

Just like the Palestinians and their supporters simply can’t help themselves but resort to violence whenever a political decision is not anti-Israel enough, similarly the UN, the EU, and many other countries, whether civilised or not, feel it incumbent upon … Continue reading

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American caution or cowardice in closing its Mideast embassies?

Yesterday Interpol issued a global security alert (h/t Reality) after a series of Al-Qaeda-linked prison breaks occurred in various locations in the Middle East. The State Department travel alert was based on the same intelligence that prompted it to close … Continue reading

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