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Bibi’s Iran bombshell and the Mossad’s dramatic feat

Yesterday (Monday) Binyamin Netanyahu gave advance notice that he was going to make a speech to the nation the same evening.  I admit I was a bit unnerved: I wasn’t sure if he was going to announce his resignation or … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Today is a special Friday, being erev Shabbat Hannukah, so in honour of the holiday I bring you a bumper pack of good news in today’s Good News Friday installment. My first item for this week is about yet another … Continue reading

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Over 1000 legal experts say the EU has no right to determine Israel’s borders

Further to the outrageous new EU directive decreeing that there should be no dealings with any Israeli institutions, operations or projects over the pre-1967 lines – aka the 1949 Armistice Lines – a petition organized by Israel’s former Ambassador to … Continue reading

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Bulgaria blames Hezbollah for Burgas bus bombing. European consternation ensues

After months of investigations and inquiries, Bulgaria today announced that they have concluded that Hezbollah was behind the deadly bus bombing in Burgas last July that killed 5 Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver. Two individuals with links to Lebanon’s … Continue reading

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Hilarious news of the day

I’m sure you are all as staggered and as hilariously entertained as I am by the gob-smacking news that the EU is this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.  I know that the Nobel committee is highly politicised, and … Continue reading

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Europe’s Chutzpah in attempting to undermine Israel’s sovereignty in West Bank

I was astounded to read of the European Union’s perfidy in declaring that they intend to pursue building and infrastructure projects in Area C of the Judea & Samaria (West Bank for short) without attempting to gain permission from Israel. … Continue reading

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