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Flytilla Folly Fizzles

It’s spring, the day after Pesach, so what do pro-Palestinian terror-supporting “activists” do to celebrate? Why, they plan a “fly-in” to Israel – a flytilla – along the lines of the various flotillas that tried to “break the siege” of … Continue reading

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More flotilla and flytilla follies

The aborted Flotilla of Fools to Gaza continues to provide us with an almost endless source of entertainment. The paranoia displayed by the flotilla organizers, and the ominous tones used in this Independent article regarding the disabled boats would be … Continue reading

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The latest Pali-schtick: A flytilla

And now for some light entertainment.  Following on from the planned upcoming flotilla to Gaza (let’s not glorify it with the misnomer “aid” since it’s only intention is to villify Israel and not bring any major material assistance to Gaza … Continue reading

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