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Iran deploys missiles around its banned nuclear site – and the US is finally “concerned”

I’ve written again and again about the stupidity, the arrogance and the malice of the Obama Administration in their rush to close a deal, any deal, with Iran which would ostensibly limit the Iranians’ ability to produce nuclear weapons, but … Continue reading

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Things that go “boom” in the night

Some good news for a change: two mysterious explosions in different locations in the Middle East appear to have inflicted great damage on our enemies. A rumour that an explosion had taken place at the Fordo nuclear facility in Iran … Continue reading

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Iran nuclear negotiations come to a halt

In completely unsurprising news, it is revealed that the negotiations between Iran and the West on Iran’s refusal to halt its nuclear weapons program have ground to a halt. MOSCOW — High-level nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers … Continue reading

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