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The Israel-Syria-Turkey triangle

While we were sitting back eating our matza and enjoying Pesach (or Easter) the Middle East didn’t take any days off, with political machinations and violence spreading in all directions. We start with The Apology™, the one made by PM … Continue reading

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The twisted logic of Anti-semites

Two incidents in recent days, one minor and one making rather a louder splash, highlight the twisted logic that anti-Semites have to use in order to make any sense of their anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. The first incident, (via Mum) which … Continue reading

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IDF boosts forces on the Golan after UN kidnapping, threats from Syrian rebels

As I’ve written previously here, the civil war in Syria is approaching perilously close to Israel’s border and sometimes even spilling over into Israel with stray tank shells and mortars.  This danger was just ratcheted up a notch over recent … Continue reading

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Syrian civil war edges closer to Israel

Over the weekend we learned that 7 Syrian fighters who were injured near the border with Israel were first treated by IDF personnel and then taken for further treatment in hospital in Israel Ziv Hospital “An IDF force administered medical … Continue reading

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So much for the cancelled border protests

Events overtook me today while I was at work, and my post of this morning is already out of date.   Four Syrians were killed at the Israel-Syria border fence (or three, or six, depending on which report you read), … Continue reading

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