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Deja vu all over again: Hamas escalates, direct rocket hit on Beer Sheva house, Government waffles

For months, along with dozens of other Israeli bloggers and advocates, I have been writing about the incessant arson attacks via incendiary kites and balloons by Hamas and its terrorist proxies on the south of Israel, which have led to … Continue reading

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New wave of Palestinian violence flares up

A renewed wave of violence has spread across Judea and Samaria in the last couple of weeks, actively aided and abetted by incitement from by Mahmoud Abbas himself. The current wave began when four Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails began … Continue reading

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Ceasefire, broken so soon – and how it is reported in the media

A truce was declared last night between Israel and the various terrorist factions in Gaza, yet as seen after every round of fighting, the terrorists broke the ceasefire very shortly after its announcement. A Grad rocket (Grads are similar if … Continue reading

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A bittersweet gift for the New Year

6 weeks after her husband Yossi was killed in a Grad missile attack on Beer Sheva, Lilach Shoshan gave birth to a son yesterday, Yom Kippur. Lilach Shushan, whose husband was killed in a rocket attack in August, gave birth … Continue reading

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