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The Israeli hard left goes over the edge, aiding and abetting murder, in its efforts to destroy the settlement enterprise

We are all aware that the Israeli hard left is venomously opposed to the settlement enterprise in Israel . However it still comes as a shock to learn that there are those on the extreme left who are so full … Continue reading

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The Six Day War: myths, facts and legalities

The 48th anniversary of the Six Day War was marked in Israel a few weeks ago on Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, and it’s civil anniversary, June 10th, was noted in several press reports both in Israel and overseas. As the … Continue reading

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EU undermining Israeli sovereignty. Again

I have written about the European Union’s perfidy towards Israel several times before, and it has evidently never gone away. In fact their latest act of treachery is simply the realization and expansion of their declaration 3 years ago that … Continue reading

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Agreeing to disagree with the EU on settlements

Earlier this year, the European Union issued a directive which effectively required to push Israel back to the 1949 armistice lines if it wished to receive EU funding for certain projects.  With the tempting bait of participation in the prestigious … Continue reading

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Post-Zionist Avram Burg claims he is a Zionist – and defends settlements boycott

Avram Burg has written an opinion article in today’s Independent where he makes the absurd claim that even he, a Zionist, supports a settlement boycott. In order to understand the absurdity of Burg’s claim, one first has to understand Burg … Continue reading

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