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Spotlight on friends of Israel

Besides my Good News Friday posts, most of my posts contain either bad news or at the very least worrying news.  So in order to keep a sense of proportion, and also in order to highlight the wonderful work that … Continue reading

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This is how to do Hasbara

Naftali Bennett shows how it’s done on BBC’s Hard Talk program. The interviewer, Stephen Sackur, is quite hard-hitting, and is fairly irritating in places when he keeps harping on the purported instability of Netanyahu’s government and on the dangers of … Continue reading

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Only 13 years late, Israel officially refutes the Al-Dura hoax

This week, only thirteen years too late, when all the damage has long been done, Israel officially announced that according to its investigations, Mohammed al-Dura was not hit by Israeli bullets, and in fact didn’t die in the incident. “Contrary … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for another installment of my Good News Friday series, and since today is both Rosh Chodesh (1st of the month)  and Chanukah, this week’s post will include extra goodies beyond the usual 3 items in honour of the … Continue reading

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Some pure feel-good Hasbara

Here’s a wonderful short video about Israel, courtesy of Israel’s Foreign Ministry YouTube channel.  H/t Elder of Ziyon who says: Some nice hasbara that will make the haters’ heads explode: Enjoy!

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