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Good News Friday

It’s time for a palate-cleanser after the balagan of the past week, so here is a Good News Friday installment to put us all into a better mood for Shabbat. Let’s start with the amazing “Good Neighbour” program instituted by … Continue reading

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Huge rise in Palestinian terrorism and incitement in Jerusalem area

The local Israeli news have been filled in recent days with reports of stone-throwing, molotov cocktails being hurled, car-jacking and general violence by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli Jews, reflecting a huge rise in terror . In widely broadcast local news … Continue reading

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Pigs Jews Monkeys in Space!

I’m sure my headline has you all confused but bear with me and all will become clear in a moment. The Iranians have announced that they are launching a monkey into space.  Only 64 years after the Americans launched their … Continue reading

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