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The Jewish return to Hebron, just after 29th November

The 29th November, or as it is known in Hebrew “Kaf Tet beNovember”, a very significant date in Israeli history, fell last week.  It was the date of the UN Resolution, Resolution 181, to partition then-Palestine into two states, Israel … Continue reading

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The victim of Friday’s shooting attack: Rabbi Michael Mark, father of 10

The latest victim of Arab anti-Jewish terror (mentioned in Friday’s post) is Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark, who was the Director of Otniel Yeshiva. Rabbi Michael “Miki” Mark, 48, a father of 10 and the director-general of the Otniel Yeshiva was … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur 5775 – Gmar Hatima Tova

(Reposting in part from last year) Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is upon us once again, beginning in a few hours time here in Israel, when we will be entering a 25-hour fast with day-long prayer services, composed of … Continue reading

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Two IDF soldiers killed in two incidents over Sukkot weekend

Despite Sukkot being designated “the time of our rejoicing”, or perhaps because of this designation, our enemies never stop trying to kill us. Over the weekend, in violence which began on Friday with two Israeli policemen injured from stones thrown … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here’s the latest installment in my Good News Friday series. It has not been a particularly good week this week, but nevertheless, there is always some good news to be found if one just pays attention. The first excellent piece … Continue reading

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Arabs attack Israeli Jews – international yawn

Now that the memorials and celebrations of last week are over, it’s back to regular programming. Here are two small items which almost flew under the radar of the Israeli press, and certainly received no mention in any international media. … Continue reading

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