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UN Rapporteur Richard Falk attempts to silence UN Watch

The vile Richard Falk, the UN’s “Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights” (the Palestinians being the only people entitled to their own personal rapporteur), notorious for his extreme anti-Israel prejudice, is now trying to shut down UN Watch, the organization … Continue reading

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Human Rights as a weapon of lawfare against Israel

Even though these stories are from the last week or two they are still as relevant as ever. In fact if you look through any articles about the UN and Israel they will sound like reruns, and in effect they … Continue reading

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Annual Christmas anti-Israel hate-fest gets under way

A straight line runs from the demonisation and delegitimization of Israel, so common in the media and international forums like NGOs and the UN, to incidents like the boycott of Israel instituted by the ANC, the ruling party of South … Continue reading

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Israel cuts off ties with UN Human “Rights” Council

Continuing on from the UN Human “Rights” Council’s latest anti-Israel outrage, The Foreign Ministry announced that it is cutting off all ties with the UN Human Rights Council following its decision to send a “fact-finding mission” to investigate the settlements’ … Continue reading

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UN Human Wrongs Council’s outrageous outrage of the day

UN Watch informs us of the UN Human Rights Wrongs Council’s latest outrage of the day, and I’m sure you will not have a hard time in guessing that this outrage involves a condemnation of Israel of some sort or … Continue reading

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The UN Human Rights Council descends into farce

Further to the alternative-reality of the UNHRC‘s adoption of a resolution praising Libya’s late unlamented leader Khadaffi’s human rights record, we are now informed that no lesser a humanitarian than a Hamas official is to address this illustrious body. Senior … Continue reading

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