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Countering foreign interference in Israel’s sovereignty

The Western world, including countries, NGOs, and institutions like the EU and the UN, seem to forget that they no longer rule empires and control vassal states around the world, for they have made it their business to poke their … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy, as demonstrated by the White House

In this post I want to highlight the brazen double standards and utter screaming hypocrisy demonstrated by that ill-mannered hostile man who stands at the head of Israel’s ostensible best friend, America. The White House exempts its airstrikes on Syria … Continue reading

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An open letter to William Hague

On Day 5 of Pillar of Cloud I mentioned the hypocrisy of British Foreign Minister William Hague in warning Israel that it will lose support if it starts a ground invasion of Gaza.  This is what I wrote: 13:31 UK … Continue reading

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The surreal madness of Israel’s aid to Gaza

One short and concise article in Arutz Sheva (h/t Mum) about Israel’s Electric Company (IEC) fixing some downed lines in Gaza summarizes all that is madly surreal with regards to Israel’s much-maligned and barely existent”blockade”.  (Emphases are mine): The photographs … Continue reading

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Guess who’s condemning which “massacre”?

If you thought the Arab states and/or the UN and/or Russia/China are condemning the ongoing murder in Syria you would be wrong. China is calling on Israel to stop its Gaza raids. Turkey has condemned Israel’s self-defensive actions against terrorists … Continue reading

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