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Light relief in Lawfare: Israel and Italy sued for the crucifixion

In contrast to the never-ending abuse of Israel in the UN and its institutions, I never dreamt I would burst out laughing on reading an article about a threat to take Israel to the International Criminal Court. Yet this was … Continue reading

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The inappropriate use of the Fourth Geneva Convention

Further to my previous post about the use of human rights in “lawfare” against Israel, I came across the following well-researched article by Eli E. Hertz from the excellent “Myths and Facts” website, which explains the inappropriate use of the … Continue reading

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Turkey’s temper tantrum

In the wake of the Palmer report which largely exonerated Israel during the Mavi Marmara flotilla fiasco, Turkey has erupted in a giant temper tantrum and in a fit of pique expelled the Israeli Ambassador. The Turks didn’t quite get … Continue reading

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