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Couldn’t happen to nicer people edition

Two recent incidents gave me a serious attack of schadenfreude, which I thought to share with you in order to lighten the beginning of the New Year. An “activist” (read: terrorist) who took part on the Mavi Marmara flotilla fiasco … Continue reading

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Richard Falk and John Kerry’s wrongful statements about Israel

The terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon last week and the attempted thawing of relations between Israel and Turkey were exacerbated by outrageous and idiotic statements by diplomats and politicians, people who really ought to know better but it seems … Continue reading

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Traitorous MK Hanin Zouabi banned from running for reelection

Almost a year ago I wrote about the traitors who sit in Israel’s Knesset. I was referring in particular to Hanin Zouabi from the Balad party. She had been accused by other MKs of consorting with the enemy, and they … Continue reading

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Another flotilla is on its way to Gaza, and the antisemitism of Free Gaza movement behind the flotillas

Remember those poor starving Gazans? The ones with no food to eat and nothing in the shops? Like this shop below? And remember those poor Gazans living in the world’s largest  open-air concentration holiday camp? Like the one below? Well, … Continue reading

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Turkey at risk of international blacklist because of terrorist funding

Turkey’s economy might well be put at risk if it does not seriously tackle its financing of terrorism, according this article in Hurriyet.  However, the terrorists that Turkey is considering blocking are not the ones that Israel might have wished … Continue reading

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“Non-violent” “peace” activists on flotilla planning to kill soldiers

So much for the “peaceful” “non-violent” intentions of the Gaza “aid” flotilla. Despite announcements from the Turks themselves that the terror organization IHH was not going to participate in the flotilla due to “technical reasons”, intelligence sources say that the … Continue reading

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