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The world is not all black (well, maybe dark gray) and when it comes to confronting antisemitism there are occasional spots of light. Within Israel, the revolting Balad Party MK Hanin Zoabi (or Zouabi) has never had any compunction in … Continue reading

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Media bias and Arab incitement – the two major contributors to Palestinian terrorism

Anti-Israel media bias, which I try to document as much as possible on this blog, goes hand in hand with Arab and Muslim incitement against Jews and against Israel to create the “perfect storm” which enables terrorist attacks like that … Continue reading

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Breaking: 4 killed in Palestinian terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue

There is dreadful news out of Jerusalem this morning: 2 or 3 Palestinian terrorists entered a shul in the Har Nof neighbourhood (north-west Jerusalem for those who care about Green Lines and occupation), armed with knives and axes, and possibly … Continue reading

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Terror in Brussels Jewish Museum – 4 killed including 2 Israelis

Yesterday afternoon 2 terrorists drove up to the Jewish Museum in Brussels and opened fire, killing 4 people, amongst them an Israeli couple from Tel Aviv, who have now been named as Emanuel and Miriam Riva: The Foreign Ministry confirmed … Continue reading

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We are our own worst enemy

It is patently obvious that more often than not we are our own worst enemy. From providing electricity to Gaza while at war to releasing murderous terrorists in return for nothing, we sometimes seem to have no sense of acting … Continue reading

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A direct result of Kerry’s threat to Israel: Palestinian murders soldier in Afula

A Palestinian youth residing illegally in Israel stabbed a soldier to death on a bus in Afula this morning. (see update below). A soldier has died after an Arab terrorist stabbed him in the neck and upper body in the Central … Continue reading

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