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Slandering Israel – who cares about the inconvenient truth?

Last week the UK’s Independent ran an extremely nasty hit-piece on Israel, claiming that Israel deliberately cut off water supplies to a Palestinian town during Ramadan, purely for the sheer sadistic pleasure in it.  The Israellycool blog was all over … Continue reading

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Media Bias 101 from the Independent: selective headlines and quotes

The UK’s Independent newspaper is almost as bad as, and sometimes worse than, the Guardian. Earlier this week it published a story about the Pope’s upcoming visit to Israel which was exceedingly snide, malicious and slanted by the simple expedient … Continue reading

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UK media coverage of the rocket fire onto the south of Israel

Due to the lack of world outrage at the massive rocket barrage that has been launched by Hamas and its allies against Israel’s southern communities, and fully expecting international outrage the moment Israel retaliates or carries out any kind of … Continue reading

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Opinion article in Independent hits all the classic antisemitic tropes

A nasty, very mean-spirited opinion article by Rupert Cornwell in today’s (Sunday’s) Independent managed to hit all the “correct” antisemitic tropes while not even making an attempt to hide its snide attitude towards US-Israel relations. Cornwell starts off with a … Continue reading

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British antisemites hound Ahava once again

British pro-Palestinian anti-Israel anti-Semitic activists have turned to their favourite (or perhaps second favourite) outlet, the Independent, to continue their vendetta against Ahava, the Israeli producer of Dead Sea beauty products. This spite and malice of British BDS campaigners against … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to my Christian friends

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here’s some good news from the Independent to contradict the gloom and doom from the Guardian: Crowds return to enjoy merry Christmas in Bethlehem: Tens of thousands of tourists and … Continue reading

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