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Intelligence failures and political correctness enabled the Paris attacks

In the wake of the deadly terror rampage in Paris on Friday night, journalists and political commentators have been speaking up about the French and European intelligence failures and the political correctness that imbues government opinions which together enabled such … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Strange bedfellows in the Middle East? Will Israel strike Iran alone?

This is another guest post by Brian Goldfarb, with additional notes by Anne: Y’know, there are, just occasionally, moments that really warm the cockles of a Zionist’s heart, and this might, just might, be one of them. Especially as these … Continue reading

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Going Cold Turkey

As reported earlier this week, Turkey’s hostility to Israel is currently so poisonous that they committed the ultimate sin in espionage circles by “burning” an allied country’s (Israel’s) spy ring – i.e. blowing their cover – of an allied state … Continue reading

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So much for that apology – Turkey blows the cover of Israeli spy ring in Iran

David Ignatius at The Washington Post has reported on shocking news about a massive Israeli intelligence failure, courtesy of our “friends” the Turks. It appears that last year, Turkey, under PM Erdogan’s leadership, blew the cover of an Israeli spy … Continue reading

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Jonathan Pollard spied on Arabs and Soviets, not on the US

Contrary to all the reports and rumours over the decades, it now appears that Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy imprisoned in America for life, never spied on American activities at all  and was never asked to by Israel.  Rather, he … Continue reading

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Syrian diplomat reportedly passing military intel to Israel and US

Like something out of spy fiction, The Times of Israel reports that a serving Syrian diplomat is reportedly passing military intelligence to Israel and the US: A serving Syrian diplomat, trusted by the Assad regime, has been passing intelligence material … Continue reading

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