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The Rachel Corrie court case and media repercussions

Rachel Corrie, an American citizen, belonged to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), volunteering in Gaza at the height of the Second Intifada. She was accidentally run over and killed by an IDF bulldozer, and the ISM and Corrie’s family have … Continue reading

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IDF commander hits protestor – world disaster ensues

At least that is what one would be led to think if one would believe everything that is written in the leftist Israel media and the international media. The facts: At a protest on route 90, pro-Palestinian “activists” (terror supporters) … Continue reading

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The latest Pali-schtick: A flytilla

And now for some light entertainment.  Following on from the planned upcoming flotilla to Gaza (let’s not glorify it with the misnomer “aid” since it’s only intention is to villify Israel and not bring any major material assistance to Gaza … Continue reading

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Jihadists vs. ISM update

The Italian activist kidnapped by Jihadis yesterday has been executed.  In a surrealistic turn of phrase, Hamas’ Interior Ministry called a special press conference following the recovery of the Italian peace activist’s body in Gaza. The ministry denounced the act: … Continue reading

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