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Chag Kasher Ve’sameach – Pesach in the shadow of corona

Looking back at what I have written for my Pesach posts over the last years, my heart aches, as it does for everyone, for what we enjoyed and for what we had been so looking forward to again this year. … Continue reading

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Who will rid me of this troublesome Kerry?

The answer to my rhetorical question in the title is President-elect Donald Trump. In a parting shot at his nemesis, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry takes aim at Binyamin Netanyahu, the settlements, and Israel. His Jeremiad sounds awfully familiar, … Continue reading

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Israel is not in danger of disappearing as long as it doesn’t heed its well-wishers

I’ve been having a very interesting conversation, on an old post, with a commenter who says he wishes Israel well and he himself is a Zionist but he fears that Israel’s actions are losing it international support and this will … Continue reading

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The NY Times wants to save Israel from itself once again

With friends like these who needs enemies? Nicholas Kristof writes a mournful article asking “Is Israel its own worst enemy?”.  His long-suffering tone and self-righteous commentary managed simultaneously to bring my blood pressure to boiling point and to make me … Continue reading

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Panetta warns Israel it is becoming isolated – but is that really true?

Israel has received yet another doom-laden warning about its increasing isolation in the region, this time from US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Sunday night warned Israel that it was becoming increasingly isolated in … Continue reading

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