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Sinai terrorists were educated Egyptians, not Bedouins

To the surprise of many people, it now turns out that the terrorists who initiated the cross-border attack at the Israel-Egypt border a couple of weeks ago did not fit the usual profile of Sinai terrorists: they were well-educated middle-class … Continue reading

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Update about Friday’s border terror attack

On Friday I blogged about the terrorist attack on the border with Egypt, in which I quoted the news report: Unconfirmed: One soldier was killed, and 2 seriously injured in the attack Sadly, that report turned out to be correct.  … Continue reading

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Another terror attack on Egypt-Israel border

Here we go again. Friday – Terrorists attacked an IDF patrol near Mount Harif on the Israel-Sinai border around noon. Israeli radio reports that following a heavy exchange of fire, three terrorists were killed and two IDF soldiers were injured. … Continue reading

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Why are African refugees solely Israel’s problem?

A group of Eritrean refugees has become trapped on Israel’s border with Egypt after trying to cross illegally into Israel, behind the new security fence that has finally been constructed along the border’s length.  Israel is refusing to allow entry … Continue reading

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