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Good News Friday

Time for another dose of Good News to counter all the bad stuff that’s out there. My first item is actually from last week (h/t Debby Z and others) but I was waiting till the video had English subtitles installed … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for another Good News Friday installment. My first item for this week is the very exciting news that two out of the three 2013 Nobel Prize winners for chemistry are Israeli, and the third winner is Jewish. Israeli … Continue reading

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To intervene or not to intervene – that is the question

The chemical weapons attack by Assad’s forces in Syria (reported by Israeli TV as having been fired by Assad’s brother’s unit), and any foreign response to it, has the potential to heat up the arena into a full-fledged war between … Continue reading

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The impossibility of making peace with those sworn to kill you

Further to my previous post about the US’s futile efforts at peace-making in the Middle East, how can anyone expect peace to be achieved when one side consists of pathological liars? At the World Economic Forum earlier this week, Palestinian … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

The weeks seem to go by faster and faster, and here it is, Friday again, and time for another Good News Friday post. Despite the previous two posts which were rather full of gloom and doom, there is plenty of … Continue reading

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The victims of the Bulgaria bus bombing

Israel released the names of the five Israeli victims of the bus bombing in Bulgaria: (photos from Ynetnews). The five Israelis killed in Wednesday’s terror attack in Burgas were named on Thursday evening as Amir Menashe, 27; Itzik Kolengi, 27; … Continue reading

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