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The Administration is in denial about ISIS, its cause and effect and its strategy

In reference to the US Administration’s reluctance to accept the Islamic source of ISIS’s manifesto, it is refreshing to see that there are those in the media who are not willing to give the Administration a pass. Peggy Noonan in … Continue reading

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How brave Italians saved their Jews

Although Yom Hashoah is now past, it is always timely to learn about long-forgotten or little-known events of that period. A fascinating article at the BBC (yes, that BBC) (via Henry) sheds light on a hugely courageous Italian man who … Continue reading

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Blue Flag air drill hosted by the IAF – the largest military exercise in Israel’s history

Israel has been hosting the “Blue Flag” military exercise, the largest international air force exercise in its history this week. In an ironic twist of historical timing, one of the participating air forces was Greece – yes, that Greece, the … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for another Good News Friday installment, and as opposed to last week when I had a hard time finding any good news to write about, this week we have a plethora of excellent news. Since this week is … Continue reading

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Israel consolidates its regional alliances

A couple of events this past week demonstrate how Israel is strengthening its alliances in the Mediterranean basin. The Israeli Air Force announced that it will be buying its new training jets from Italy, upsetting contender South Korea in the … Continue reading

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