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Jewish-Israeli-Druze solidarity

After the horrendous week that just passed, the culmination of a horrendous month (the Hebrew month of Cheshvan) for Israel, it’s hard to find something positive to write about. However there are always a few bright spots if one looks … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It may be Friday the 13th today but there’s always time for good news, so here’s my latest Good News Friday installment. We’ll start with the subject that’s occupying the minds of around 50% of the world’s population (i.e. the … Continue reading

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Huge rise in Palestinian terrorism and incitement in Jerusalem area

The local Israeli news have been filled in recent days with reports of stone-throwing, molotov cocktails being hurled, car-jacking and general violence by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli Jews, reflecting a huge rise in terror . In widely broadcast local news … Continue reading

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Undermining Jewish history and the Jewish connection to Eretz Yisrael

The assault by Israel’s enemies on Israel’s sovereignty and integrity takes many forms: from all-out war by standing armies to asymmetric warfare via terrorist attacks and missiles launched at civilians, to “lawfare”, boycotts (BDS) – and since most of these … Continue reading

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Those moderate Jordanians

Some moderate Jordanian citizens were outraged when they spotted a group of evil Zionist settlers Jewish tourists, and gave expression to their moderate outrage by stoning the settlers tourists and forcing them out of town. A group of Jewish tourists … Continue reading

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