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Americans free jailed Iranian scientist but won’t release Jonathan Pollard

Before I deal with the parallels between the two prisoners mentioned in the headline I feel it ought to be pointed out that  there is something inordinately topsy-turvy about the American deal with Iran to disarm its nuclear program.   (I … Continue reading

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Perverted logic: Releasing murderers for peace

What kind of inverted and perverted logic demands that murderers be released from prison in order to prove the peaceful intentions of the side that is more eager to achieve peace? Palestinian logic, that’s what. For some reason the balance … Continue reading

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The Arrow 3 debacle

Last week Israeli defence officials announced that production of the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system was being stepped up in the light of Iran’s aggressive posturing regarding its nuclear program. With Iran’s nuclear program in mind, Israel is stepping up … Continue reading

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A Palestinian airline bomber is released from US jail but Jonathan Pollard remains incarcerated

Ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel tomorrow, Israel is awash with petitions, posters and protests asking for the release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Even such diverse personalities as former Israeli captive Gilad Shalit and top model … Continue reading

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Jonathan Pollard spied on Arabs and Soviets, not on the US

Contrary to all the reports and rumours over the decades, it now appears that Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy imprisoned in America for life, never spied on American activities at all  and was never asked to by Israel.  Rather, he … Continue reading

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Will the US finally show some mercy towards Jonathan Pollard?

Morris Pollard z”l, Jonathan Pollard’s father, passed away over the weekend.  Pleas from Jonathan’s supporters to allow him to visit his dying father went unheeded. Now we wait and see if he will be allowed to participate in the funeral … Continue reading

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