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US Administration: The settlements do not violate international law

History was made on Monday evening when US Defence Secretary Mike Pompeo made the historic announcement that the US refutes the concept of the illegality of the settlements – otherwise known as Jewish homes and factories in Judea and Samaria. … Continue reading

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Sunday morning video: Why Israel opposes international forces in the Jordan Valley

An excellent video clearly explaining the reasons for Israel’s opposition to vacating the Jordan Valley or the deployment of international forces there.  

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The Jordan Valley is vital to Israel’s security

Despite the noise about the settlements being the main stumbling block towards a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, the latest sticking point in the abortive “peace” talks with the Palestinians is the Jordan Valley.  Despite all the cajoling, … Continue reading

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Holy Bat-Cave!

OK, so it’s not exactly holy but I couldn’t resist the Batman reference. A new bat-talion of bat caves (sorry…) has been discovered in abandoned IDF forts along the Jordan Valley. Soldiers left Israel’s underground forts along the frontier with … Continue reading

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