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Good News Friday

After all the mad runaround of the past couple of weeks, with Pesach preparations, then Pesach itself, and then the arrival of the new baby, it’s a bit strange to return to normal Good News Friday postings. 🙂 This week’s … Continue reading

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How the media got the Israeli elections so wrong

Beyond the embarrassingly erroneous polls, both pre-election and exit polls, that predicted a loss for Netanyahu and the Likud, the media itself lent a hand to these incorrect numbers by consistently reading Israel wrong: its society, its culture and its … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

To make up for last week’s shortfall, and to continue our Yom Haa’atzmaut celebrations, this week’s Good News Friday installment is going to be a super-bumper family size economy pack. 🙂 First, a retrospective study from the Israel Export Institute … Continue reading

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The Times of Israel

Here is something to sweeten the gloom and doom about media bias against Israel: David Horovitz, former editor of the Jerusalem Post, has started up a new website, The Times of Israel, and it is looking great! From David Horovitz’s … Continue reading

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A Guide to the Perplexed on Middle East Reporting

After all the serious news that’s been dominating these pages for a long while, here’s a little levity (though it’s not as funny as we’d like to think) to lighten those long winter evenings, and to educate you at the … Continue reading

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Guardian Reader’s Editor’s half-hearted apology for antisemitic reporting

Shortly after Gilad Shalit was released in that lopsided prisoner exchange, the Guardian journalist Deborah Orr wrote a horribly snide article on the subject in which she accused Israel of racism, the proof being that Israel considers the life of … Continue reading

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