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Good News Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a regular Good News Friday post, so here is my latest installment. Let’s start with some Israeli medical advances, which I haven’t written much about lately. Israeli researchers have found a DNA vaccine … Continue reading

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Israel’s reaches out to its neighbours

Together with the recent #BDSFails around the world (more of which later), there have been interesting developments in Israel’s relations with its neighbours and “further neighbours”. Our biggest and most important close neighbour is Egypt, and relations have been cool … Continue reading

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The Nairobi mall terror siege

The terrorist attack and ensuing siege and hostage taking at the upscale Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, has been ongoing for several days, but Kenyan authorities announced today that all the hostages have been freed, although gunfire was still heard … Continue reading

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Israel to assist Kenya in fighting Islamist terrorists

In a little-noticed item in today’s Telegraph we read that Israel is increasing its support for Kenya (was there previous support in place that could be “increased”?) in fighting the Islamist Al Shabaab terrorists infiltrating from Somalia.  This in turn … Continue reading

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