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It’s all about the facts (or is it?)

I’m sure you all feel the same frustration and anger at the hostile media and foreign do-gooders, as well as some foreign governments, who seem incapable or unwilling to understand Israel’s position vis-a-vis the Palestinians or the Arab world in … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

With all the tragic events of this past week, this week’s Good News Friday post is going to concentrate more on good news from the  political front. First we have the quite astonishing news that the ICC rejected a petition … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Another week has passed so quickly and now it’s time for another Good News Friday installment to cheer us up for Shabbat. We start with the amazing news that Israeli researchers have discovered a revolutionary alternative to fuel – making … Continue reading

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How the international media avoid facing reality when reporting on terrorism

Reading about the mental contortions that the foreign media have been going through in trying to ascertain the motivations of the Tsarnaev brothers, aka the Boston bombers has been an eye-opening education, if an entertaining one, for us Israelis.  While … Continue reading

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Happy Purim with the Latma Megillah

Another classic, brilliant and funny and sharply biting video, with a twist in the tail (tale?) as befits Purim. For those not in the know, the chant used by “Yariv Googleheimer” in the video is identical to that used when … Continue reading

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A Eurabian Christmas from Latma

Latma TV (edited by Caroline Glick of Jerusalem Post fame) has come up with another brilliantly satirical video. No commentary is needed from me.  Just watch it and and enjoy! (You may feel like weeping by the end though).

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