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Guest post: London Jewish Book Week 2012 – the sane left and Israel

This is a guest post by Brian Goldfarb, a frequent commenter on this blog. I felt his report of London Jewish Book Week was very important in order to shine a light on the sane left (as opposed to the … Continue reading

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Claims that Israel is losing its democractic character are based on zero evidence

There has been so much talk in the Israeli and international press about the exclusion of women in Israel, haredi sectarianism, attacks on the Supreme Court and right-wing violence that you would imagine to yourself that Israel’s streets are burning, … Continue reading

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Will the politicization of Israel’s social protests backfire?

The participants in the massive social protests which are taking place in Israel might be shooting themselves in the foot by allowing leftist NGO’s to influence, if not take over, the protests. Right-wing NGOs pulled out of the housing protests … Continue reading

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Israel’s dangerous leftists play with fire – literally

Continuing on with our series on actions by Israel’s dangerous (not deluded) leftists, these “activists”, colluding with local Arabs, set fire to security equipment belonging to the community of Eli in Samaria.  The fire rapidly spread to the holy olive … Continue reading

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The latest Pali-schtick: A flytilla

And now for some light entertainment.  Following on from the planned upcoming flotilla to Gaza (let’s not glorify it with the misnomer “aid” since it’s only intention is to villify Israel and not bring any major material assistance to Gaza … Continue reading

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Israel’s delusional leftists reveal their hatred

Today I received, via an email list, a letter with an alarming tale of an attack on a young Israeli couple with a baby in their car by leftists demonstrating near a new Jewish neighbourhood in Jerusalem. I reprint the … Continue reading

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