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Flotilla to go ahead despite Rafah crossing reopening

Those self-righteous “peace”-loving Turks have triumphantly declared that the next flotilla to Gaza will be going ahead as planned despite Egypt opening the Rafah crossing with Gaza on Saturday.  Turkey has even gone so far as to warn Israel that: … Continue reading

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Israeli leftists urge Israel’s suicide. Again

Israeli fifth-column leftists continue in their dangerous and delusional behaviour, their every move urging Israel on to potential suicide G-d forbid. Their latest shenanigan is a letter that they have written, addressed to I’m not sure whom, in which they … Continue reading

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Israel’s fifth column

No, I’m not talking about Israel’s Arab citizens, though there are times when I wish they would be more loyal to their country of residence.  I am talking about Israel’s extreme leftists who never miss an opportunity to badmouth Israel, … Continue reading

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Unhinged leftists demonstrate their wish for a Palestinian state

Today, in Tel Aviv, in the very spot where David Ben Gurion stood and read out Israel’s Declaration of Independence, a group of leftist “activists” (who only “act” for the Palestinians and against Israel’s benefit), and “intellectuals” (who must have … Continue reading

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