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Bibi’s UN speech and cartoon, plus other Mideast related speeches

The last couple of days have been filled with drama at the UN, and yet there was nothing really surprising in any of the speeches that were made. We’ll start with the other speeches first (not necessarily in chronological order) … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur 5773 – Gmar Hatima Tova

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is upon us once again, beginning in a few hours time here in Israel, when we will be entering a 25-hour fast with day-long prayer services being held in shuls and community centers throughout … Continue reading

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Not quite Good News Friday

Following the outrage at UN chief Ban Ki-Moon’s visit to Tehran to attend the opening of the Non-Aligned Movement summit, some slightly better news emerges from there to mitigate Ban’s attendance when he issued a stinging rebuke to the Ayatollahs … Continue reading

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When a tyrant says he wants to kill you, believe him

The writer and commentator Douglas Murray (who was Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion and is now a fellow of the Henry Jackson Society), is an amazingly forthright and courageous defender of Israel who frequently writes columns and opinion … Continue reading

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