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More Purim turnabouts: Arab reactions to Netanyahu’s speech

Purim has begun tonight here in Israel (Purim post coming up later), and in a similar manner to the upside-down “Venahafoch Hu” character of the day, reactions to Netanyahu’s speech to Congress were precisely the opposite of what one would … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Once again we’ve had a week full of sadness (Tisha be’Av) and bad news (courtesy of the EU) and yet, as always, there is good news to be found if you know where to look. And as your trusty Good … Continue reading

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On Syrian missiles and the world’s Israel obssession

Did we or didn’t we? Bomb Syria’s Russian-made Yakhont missiles that is. According to assorted sources Israel did indeed destroy these missiles via a submarine fired-missile. Honest Reporting brings us the Sunday Times article on the story: According to the … Continue reading

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Pallywood stone-throwing and Pallywood photographers

It has become increasingly clear over the years that many acts of Palestinian violence or Palestinian victimhood have been staged with careful preparation and pre-meditation by the Palestinian activists or “victims” themselves.  A new video produced by an Italian photo-journalist … Continue reading

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The ISIS report on nuclear Iran – misreported, revised or contradictory?

The MSM (mainstream media) worldwide is trumpeting a report from the American research institute ISIS (US Institute for Science and International Security) which seems to reinforce their pacifism and defeatism regarding Iran when they put underline that ISIS reports that … Continue reading

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Claims that Israel is losing its democractic character are based on zero evidence

There has been so much talk in the Israeli and international press about the exclusion of women in Israel, haredi sectarianism, attacks on the Supreme Court and right-wing violence that you would imagine to yourself that Israel’s streets are burning, … Continue reading

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