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Good News Friday – Purim Same’ach edition

Purim has started (or is starting) around the Jewish world, and we are celebrating a “triple Purim” which is quite a rare event. It started tonight at sundown and lasts till tomorrow night when Shabbat begins. But in walled cities … Continue reading

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Happy Purim with the Latma Megillah

Another classic, brilliant and funny and sharply biting video, with a twist in the tail (tale?) as befits Purim. For those not in the know, the chant used by “Yariv Googleheimer” in the video is identical to that used when … Continue reading

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Purim Sameach! Happy Purim

Purim has just started here in Israel (although it takes place a day later in Jerusalem and other ancient cities for reasons cited in the Megillah). Instead of me writing and explaining what it’s all about, here’s a cute video … Continue reading

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