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Sunday morning videos: Israel advocacy

Here are three great videos about Israel advocacy which you should watch: I wrote about Matti Friedman’s searing essay slamming the international media for their anti-Israel bias and one-eyed view of the Middle East conflict. It was a long essay, … Continue reading

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EU wishes to force Israel back to 1949

The European Union came out yesterday with a new directive that is shocking in its condescension, its neo-colonialism towards Israel, and in its antisemitism that lies at the base of this decision. The new directive bars all dealings with Israeli-held … Continue reading

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Explaning the uneasiness about the ceasefire

In my previous post I spelled out quite clearly my own, very negative and suspicious, feelings on the subject of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. I am not alone in these sentiments. I bring you here a … Continue reading

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Britain wobbles on supporting a Palestinian UN bid for statehood

Melanie Phillips wonders aloud (in print) whether Britain is going to vote for a Palestinian state at the UN when it comes up for a vote some time in the next week or two.  Ms. Phillips cogently sets out the … Continue reading

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