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A second Egyptian revolution?

Egypt appears to be on the verge of another revolution, or possibly even a civil war, as we read in this prescient report of Yisrael Hayom from Friday: Two and a half years have passed and the Egypt of today … Continue reading

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Syria could be Iran’s Stalingrad

The news coming out of Syria seems to be getting worse every day. Not only has the number of victims slaughtered on both sides reached over 93,000 – but now there are reports that 4,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards troops will … Continue reading

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International Holocaust Memorial Day – what better time to malign the Jews

It’s International Holocaust Memorial Day today, and yet from it could be 1938 all over again according to some reports in the news. The worst abuse of the memory of the Holocaust, and davka “in honour” of Holocaust Memorial Day … Continue reading

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Terrorism and diplomatic delegitimization go hand in hand against Israel

A series of news items in recent days make it clear that there is a definite upswing in anti-Israel violence from Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. A security official told Tazpit News Agency that during the past year, particularly during … Continue reading

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Meet our “moderate” neigbours

Israel is constantly reassured by ostensible well-wishers that if only it would make peace with the moderate Palestinians and Arabs, it would sideline the extremists, peace would immediately break out and heavenly angels would sing in massed chorales. (OK, I … Continue reading

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Egypt instability update

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has rescinded the decree giving himself sweeping powers, but this has not appeased the opposition since he has not cancelled the referendum on a new constitution, which is due to take place at the end of … Continue reading

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