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Middle East news catch-up: Iran, Jerusalem, the UN and the Palestinians

Here is a (very) short roundup of news that deserves some attention, but which I missed since I was computerless for a couple of days. As Pete mentioned in his comment on the previous post, Barack Obama wrote another letter … Continue reading

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Could this be a real Turkish Spring?

The “Arab Spring” uprising was originally intended to oust dictatorships and bring in democracy. Unfortunately it rapidly turned into a nightmarish winter with the rise of Islamists, sometimes through the very democracy that the protestors were demanding. But could the … Continue reading

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Israeli police uncover plot to mask string of criminal assaults as rightist retaliations

Over the last couple of days the most incredible story has made it to the Israeli headlines: a series of mafia attacks on various targets were planned to be blamed on “price tag” retaliatory attacks by rightists. The pinnacle of these … Continue reading

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