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It was all in vain

So all the killings and all the responses – it was in all vain. Everything is back to where it was before the 14th July: there is no official security  for Muslims (Jews of course are the exception because they … Continue reading

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Terror on Shabbat: Israeli family massacred in Halamish

The news after Shabbat was the worst possible kind. On Friday night, an Israeli family celebrating the birth of a new grandson were brutally massacred by a Palestinian terrorist who entered their home and stabbed 3 of them to death, … Continue reading

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Update on Al-Aqsa unrest

Just a quick update with what’s been happening today on the Temple Mount and Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa. Last night, as the cabinet discussed the measures to be taken on the Temple Mount, the Arabs continued to riot violence, leaving … Continue reading

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Media Bias 101 from the Independent: selective headlines and quotes

The UK’s Independent newspaper is almost as bad as, and sometimes worse than, the Guardian. Earlier this week it published a story about the Pope’s upcoming visit to Israel which was exceedingly snide, malicious and slanted by the simple expedient … Continue reading

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Mufti of Jerusalem to be investigated for incitement

This sounds like a headline that could have been written back in the 1930s, when the Mufti of Jerusalem not only incited against the Jews living in then-Mandate Palestine, but actively conspired against them and the British by supporting the … Continue reading

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How anti-Semitism prevents peace

Via Jewish Ideas Daily, I found this rather depressing but in-depth report on the Middle East Quarterly entitled “How anti-Semitism prevents peace”, by David Patterson, about whom: David Patterson is Hillel Feinberg Chair in Holocaust studies at the University of … Continue reading

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