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Naftali Bennet teaches us how to stay on-message: “one cannot occupy one’s own country”

Naftali Bennett, Israel’s extremely popular (but much maligned outside of Israel) and straight-talking Economy Minister, head of the Jewish Home party, gives us a classic example of what all of us pro-Israel activists need to learn and internalize: how to … Continue reading

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We finally have a government

At least I think so. The coalition agreement is due to be signed later today, so barring any last-minute surprises (which one can never rule out in Israel) we will have a ruling coalition in place.  In the end the … Continue reading

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Why Bayit Yehudi threatens Likud Beitenu

The Israeli general elections are almost upon us and the dirty tricks campaigns are in high gear from all sides with vandalism of election posters and hacking into party computers taking place, besides the regular bad-mouthing of political adversaries. Tensions … Continue reading

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