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Undermining Jewish history and the Jewish connection to Eretz Yisrael

The assault by Israel’s enemies on Israel’s sovereignty and integrity takes many forms: from all-out war by standing armies to asymmetric warfare via terrorist attacks and missiles launched at civilians, to “lawfare”, boycotts (BDS) – and since most of these … Continue reading

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Latest anti-Israel BDS antics

None of the actions mentioned in this post will be much of a surprise to those of you who follow the antics of the BDS anti-Israel brigade,   but I thought it worth listing some of the most recent events … Continue reading

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Guardian’s Khaled Diab decries Palestinian fixation on right of return, but aims for one-state solution instead

This article is a cross-post from CiFWatch. It’s Naqba Day, and the Guardian is certainly not one to miss an opportunity to bash Israel. Yesterday’s contribution to this landmark day was an article by Khaled Diab who is: …a regular … Continue reading

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Israel’s fifth column

No, I’m not talking about Israel’s Arab citizens, though there are times when I wish they would be more loyal to their country of residence.  I am talking about Israel’s extreme leftists who never miss an opportunity to badmouth Israel, … Continue reading

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“Naqba Day” incidents: Northern border clashes, suspected terror incident in Tel Aviv

The Palestinians have been itching to get in on the action with the Arab “spring” and finally found their excuse today with the commemoration of Israel’s independence – what they call their Naqba. Syrian infiltrators breached the border fence and … Continue reading

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