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Another look at the Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal

Despite my deep misgivings, not to mention moral objections, to the reconciliation agreement between Israel and Turkey, it is important to take note of other views, particularly those which don’t see the deal as a disaster but rather as an … Continue reading

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Israel’s natural gas revolution

In the last few weeks Israel’s newly-developed natural gas industry has taken several leaps forward in export proposals. In an ironic twist, Israel has begun pitching a massive natural gas pipeline to Europe – ironic because Europe is the center … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for another Good News Friday installment, and this time it will be back to my “regular” style as opposed to a war edition. My first item combines two of my favourite fields: international relations and hi-tech. The Japanese … Continue reading

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Latest #BDSFails

The efforts to delegitimize and stigmatize Israel, alone amongst the nations, never cease. Considering the number of failures and the meagre successes the boycotters have achieved you would think they would have learned a lesson by now. You would be … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

After a week of bad news it’s a relief to find it’s time for another Good News Friday post. Since this last week has been full of boycotts and badmouthing of Israel, it’s wonderful to be able to report that … Continue reading

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Debating Israel’s natural gas boon

Israel’s newly discovered natural gas finds have given a huge boost to the country, economically, politically and with positive implications on the security front too. However there is now fierce debate going on in Israel over what to do with … Continue reading

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