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Good News Friday

Here’s the latest installment in my Good News Friday series. My first item comes from the world of literature against the background of “BDS syndrome”. The Spanish writer Antonio Munoz Molina received the Jerusalem Prize and refused to give in … Continue reading

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Israel’s natural gas receiving buoy goes online

Here is some more excellent news to brighten up our week: last week it was reported that Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL) had completed construction of a marine liquefied natural gas receiving buoy and would begin receiving natural gas immediately: … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here is the latest installment in my Good News Friday series. My first item comes from my old homeland, England, where the Queen awarded an OBE to British-Israeli Professor Penelope Ur, for her work in promoting the English language: Prof. … Continue reading

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Israel as energy superpower?

Back to regular programming. A fascinating and rather optimistic article by Walter Russel Mead in the American Interest posits that Israel looks likely to emerge as an energy superpower in the near future, with all the political ramifications associated with … Continue reading

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Israeli natural gas well goes online ahead of schedule

Some really good news from the natural gas industry was made public today: One of Israel’s natural gas wells has gone online early. A US Israeli consortium began supplying Israel with natural gas from its offshore Pinnacles well on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Egypt cancels gas contract with Israel – politics or economics?

Last week Egypt cancelled it’s long-standing gas-exporting deal to Israel, triggering a diplomatic and political crisis with grave economic implications for Israel (and possibly for Egypt too).  The cancellation is not a total surprise seeing as the gas pipeline has … Continue reading

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