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Iran – the need to act before it’s too late

Iran has been leading the world on a merry chase after the elusive unicorn of nuclear disarmament. It has engaged in talks while simultaneously escalating its drive to pursue nuclear capability, and latest reports are that Iran has tripled its … Continue reading

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Israel as energy superpower?

Back to regular programming. A fascinating and rather optimistic article by Walter Russel Mead in the American Interest posits that Israel looks likely to emerge as an energy superpower in the near future, with all the political ramifications associated with … Continue reading

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A step in the right direction: EU imposes oil sanctions on Iran

In a small item of good news, the European Union has decided to impose an embargo on Iranian oil imports in its effort to deter Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions. The European Union formally adopted an oil embargo Monday … Continue reading

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Gas, oil and sun – meeting Israel’s new energy needs

Writing in Jewish Ideas Daily, Alex Joffe discusses the new gas and shale finds in Israel and the implications of these finds for Israel’s economy and security. Are abundant natural resources a blessing, or a curse? This is the sort … Continue reading

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How the West’s attack on Libya is helping Iran

The truth of the old saying that the way to hell is paved with good intentions is borne out in an interesting but rather scary analysis by Emanuelle Ottolenghi appears in this week’s Commentator: A nuclear armed Iran could be … Continue reading

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