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Good News Friday

It’s been a crazy (but enjoyable) couple of weeks with the birth of our new grandson, the “Sholom Zochor” (a Friday night reception) to welcome him, the brit (circumcision) – the baby is called Akiva Menachem ♥ – and then … Continue reading

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A tale of two peace activists

Two peace activists have been arrested in Egypt this week, yet their stories could not be more different. The first “peace activist” (I use the scare quotes advisedly) is in fact an anti-Israel activist, self proclaimed as an anti-Zionist who … Continue reading

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BDS Brigade devour their own

Professor Dan Avnon, an Israeli professor of civics, and the head of the “Center for Peace and Reconciliation” (From the Hebrew NRG article: המרכז לשלום ויישוב סכסוכים – h/t: Ido) has been boycotted by Sydney University’s Centre for Peace and … Continue reading

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Israel’s delusional leftists reveal their hatred

Today I received, via an email list, a letter with an alarming tale of an attack on a young Israeli couple with a baby in their car by leftists demonstrating near a new Jewish neighbourhood in Jerusalem. I reprint the … Continue reading

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