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Hypocrisy, as demonstrated by the White House

In this post I want to highlight the brazen double standards and utter screaming hypocrisy demonstrated by that ill-mannered hostile man who stands at the head of Israel’s ostensible best friend, America. The White House exempts its airstrikes on Syria … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Once again in this topsy-turvy corner of the world it’s time for another Good News Friday installment. We start this week’s line-up with news (h/t Israel Matzav) from Israel’s hi-tech industry once again. This time, the social media giant Facebook … Continue reading

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Happy Purim with the Latma Megillah

Another classic, brilliant and funny and sharply biting video, with a twist in the tail (tale?) as befits Purim. For those not in the know, the chant used by “Yariv Googleheimer” in the video is identical to that used when … Continue reading

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Peace Now petitions High Court, shoots self in foot

In a classic example of one’s actions coming back to bite one in a certain unmentionable place, Peace Now received an unexpected response to their petition to the High Court of Justice against settlement building. In response to petition, State … Continue reading

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About those millions of shekels directed to the settlements

There is a constant refrain amongst certain sectors of Israeli society, echoed in the international media, NGOs and the like, that successive Israel governments filter off millions (even billions) of shekels to the “illegal”* settlements, to the detriment of regular … Continue reading

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